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The REEFhabilitation Experience

The REEFhabilitation Portal Database is an open-access website for coral reef restoration practitioners to collect, visualize, and share their restoration monitoring data.

By enabling better tracking of coral reef restoration efforts, the REEFhabilitation Portal Database supports restoration practitioners – including resource managers, scientists, tourism operators, and nonprofit organizations – to understand and make decisions about their restoration projects. It also supports greater knowledge exchange across the global coral reef restoration community. 

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Tourism Operators

Give your divers the REEFhabilitation Experience

Just like you, many of the divers who come to your establishment  are passionate about the ocean. They’ve come to marvel at coral reefs, among the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. And they want to help.

If you already have a nursery of your own or through a partner, then you can start using the Portal right away to make your daily work easier. Using the educational videos and materials on the Portal, participants can quickly come up to speed, start collecting data for you, and then they can enter it on the portal themselves.

You save time and money on monitoring, your dive participants get to help conserve corals, and the Portal turns your center’s data into meaningful information.

Sign up for an account.

Watch the tutorial and enroll your project/site.

If you haven’t started a coral restoration program yet, check out our curated resources to learn more.

Create a project or review new diver data using your dashboard.


Did you just have a REEFhabilitation Experience?

Add New Site Data

Enter nursery, outplanting, or restoration monitoring data. Start by entering the site number below. If you don’t know your site number, find your project site on the projects page.

Where can I have a REEFhabilitation Experience?

While enjoying snorkeling or diving, you will learn about coral restoration and visit coral nurseries or reef restoration sites. Your involvement supports coral reef restoration, as REEFhabilitation proceeds directly help local organizations that manage coral nurseries and lead restoration efforts. Together, we can do our part to help create healthier, more resilient reefs.

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