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You can use this page to identify, locate, and learn about coral reef restoration projects that are currently listed in the REEFhabilitation Portal Database. To access the details of a particular project, click on its name.

A “project” in the REEFhabilitation Portal Database is a way for users to organize their nursery sites or coral restoration efforts that may span multiple sites. For instance, a project could be restoration conducted under a specific grant or a particular permit, a certain research project, all sites at a particular reef, or all sites restored to date. Users can organize their data in whatever form they wish, based on their needs. Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the website to become a REEFhabilitation Portal Database user and create your own projects. New users can learn more about how to navigate the Portal to add nursery, outplanting, and restoration monitoring on the How to Use page.

All projects in the REEFhabilitation Portal Database are shown in the table below. Projects can be filtered and sorted according to their titles in the top row. Projects are started by organizations that often include tourism operators with an active restoration program and gather more general monitoring data. The data for these projects are captured and submitted by tourists or citizen scientists.

Project Sites

Site Project Map Site Type Country Events
REEFhab Project Restoration Site EXAMPLE REEFhab Project EXAMPLE Restoration Site Dominican Republic 5
REEFhab Project Nursery Site EXAMPLE REEFhab Project EXAMPLE Nursery Site Dominican Republic 0