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Project: REEFhab Project EXAMPLE

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Project Overview

This is an example project for illustrative purposes.

How to Participate

Check out this project’s sites for information on how to become a diver on this project.


The tables and charts below show the collective effort of everyone who has worked on this project.

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Restoration Site Events

How healthy are the outplanted corals here?

Once we outplant corals from our nursery sites, we have to make sure they stay healthy and thrive. Some don’t make it, but by tracking survival over time, we can help researchers learn the best methods for coral restoration.

Monitoring Overview

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Coral Health (cumulative)

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Map of Project Sites

Site Site Type Map Country Events
REEFhab Project Restoration Site EXAMPLE Restoration Site Dominican Republic 5
REEFhab Project Nursery Site EXAMPLE Nursery Site Dominican Republic 0

Project Details

Last Event: March 19, 2024

Organization: The Nature Conservancy

Country: Dominican Republic

Other Partners: FUNDEMAR, FGPC

Coral Species (3): Acropora cervicornis, Orbicella annularis, Orbicella faveolata

Download Activity Data

Download activity data for all sites in this project.